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Learn how to use a telescope!

Telescopes are pretty useless unless you know how to work them and where to point them. Our club is proud to present the Mentoring Program to our members, which helps ease folks into amateur astronomy.

This group meets at a private observatory. This program is specifically for new members with little to no experience in astronomy. It’s designed to provide basic instruction about the night sky as well as how to use one of our club’s loaner scopes.

Astronomy looks fascinating until you start to dig in, and that’s where most folks get overwhelmed and drop the hobby altogether. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This program pairs you up with someone to help guide you and answer all your questions, no matter how basic or silly you think your questions are.

Our friendly astronomers help you get your feet wet by getting out under dark skies to discover what’s out there, firsthand. You’ll learn not only the easy-to-use telescopes but the accessories any good observer needs, such as appropriate eyepieces, sky atlases, accessory cases, etc. The program is available only to members (click here to become a member!) and by invitation.

Please send us an if you’re a current member interested in being added to our invite list.