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Solar Presentation at Atascadero School

Last week, Glen Smeltzer (that's me) gave a Solar Presentation at Dennis Eaton's 3rd grade class, San Gabriel Road Elementary School, Atascadero. Mr.Eaton's had been studying the solar system, so I offered to let the students view the sun through my Coronado PST so they could see more than just a bright yellow circle in [...]

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Solar X-Class Flare

January 7, 2014: Major group of Sunspots yesterday that originated a huge x-class flare today! There wasn't a flare yesterday through the H-Alpha. Photo by Dave Majors Read more about this here

Solar X-Class Flare 2014-01-09T00:07:38+00:00

Star Gazing at Georgia Brown Elementary School

On Friday 6 December, Joseph Carro conducted a star party for students of Georgia Brown Elementary School of Paso Robles. Three adults and eleven children enjoyed viewing the Moon, and the planet Venus. The night was clear, and several constellations were visible from a parking lot near Cuesta College. The students had many questions about [...]

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Gravity Takes a Starring Role — But It May Not Be What You Think

In this edition of The Universe in the Classroom, learn about the starring role of gravity in the real life of astronauts and their work in space. In the fall of 2013, peoples’ imagination was captured by the movie Gravity. Though many of the plot elements were unrealistic, overall the movie accurately portrayed the role [...]

Gravity Takes a Starring Role — But It May Not Be What You Think 2013-12-05T04:27:18+00:00

Star Party

On November 1 Joseph Carro, Tom Frey, Dave Majors (aka Galileo), Gus Nelson, and one parent with an SCT were at Branch Elementary School outside Arroyo Grande.  The school had a very good turnout and we estimated at least 100 people. At one point all 5 telescopes had long lines of at least 15 people at each.   On [...]

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