Dark Sky Locations in Central California

These locations* have been recommended by club members.
If you have additional recommendations, please let us know.


Vineyard Dog Park

Reasonably dark skies and good surface.


Santa Margarita Lake

The campsites in the Grey Pines Loop are reasonably dark. 


Blinn Ranch Trailhead

Has dark skies but can be dusty. Not a good area after rains. Car lights after dark are an issue but traffic is light.
10 Miles past Santa Margarita Lake turnoff and a couple miles up River Road.


Navajo Flat Campground

Very low southern horizon (can see Omega Cen and NGC 5128 from there) and has some very dark skies. Not a good place after bad weather. 
25 miles east of Santa Margarita Lake.


San Antonio Lake Campground

Has some very dark skies and is the site used in the fall for the CalStar Star Party.


*Central Coast Astronomical offers no guarantees as to the quality or accessibility of these locations. We encourage you to verify that that location you have in mind is open.

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