Month by Month Stargazing Tours

September 3, 2021 admin4 0

Join Aurora Lipper and Kent Wallace for a month by month tour of the night sky. Each video below provides a tour of objects visible for that particular month. To get started, click on the image for the month in which you’re interested.   Click to open the handout for [Read More…]

Dark Sky Locations in Central California

May 25, 2021 admin4 0

These locations* have been recommended by club members. If you have additional recommendations, please let us know.   Vineyard Dog Park Reasonably dark skies and good surface.   Santa Margarita Lake The campsites in the Grey Pines Loop are reasonably dark.   Blinn Ranch Trailhead Has dark skies [Read More…]

How to Pick the Right Eyepiece for your Telescope

May 15, 2020 admin 0

This is an interview with David Nagler on choosing eyepieces for your telescope. He’s the president of TeleVue optics, one of the best experts in the field! You’ll learn all about the criteria to keep in mind, how they are designed, and so forth. Enjoy!

Getting Started with Astrophotography

May 8, 2020 admin 0

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to take beautiful astronomy images, this is a good video to start with. You’ll see the process of taking a picture of the Cocoon Nebula from your backyard using a DSLR camera and a small telescope.

Northern Lights Live Camera Views!

April 29, 2020 admin 0

This is a live cam located Churchill, Manitoba, directly underneath the aurora oval (one of the best places on earth to watch the aurora borealis!) This spectacular atmospheric phenomenon is known as the Northern Lights. Late winter and early spring are the best times so be sure to stop in [Read More…]

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Exploring Black Holes Chandra Favorites Celetial Fireworks: Supernova Remnants “Downtown” in the Milky Way The Solar System Through Chandra’s Eyes Collimation And The Newtonian Telescope