Los Flores Ranch Star Party

February 4, 2019 admin1 0

We need local amateur astronomers to help inspire public support for dark skies in our local communities. Join Los Flores Ranch Park in Santa Maria for some, or all, of their stargazing parties for the many diverse and curious people who show up to be dazzled. The average turnout is [Read More…]

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Annular Eclipse on May 10th

May 13, 2013 admin1 0

Here are a couple of beautiful images from the annular solar eclipse on May 9 / 10th. More info and images are available from NASA and Space.com

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Curiosity Lands on Mars August 5th

July 31, 2012 admin1 0

Curiosity has successfully landed on the surface of Mars! Here are some of the first images: More images are being posted by NASA here:  Mars Science Laboratory Image Gallery Live coverage starts at 8:00pm on NASA TV and 2:00pm at The Planetary Society’s Planetfest This is the stuff of dreams, [Read More…]

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June 2, 2012 admin1 0

Exploring Black Holes Chandra Favorites Celetial Fireworks: Supernova Remnants “Downtown” in the Milky Way The Solar System Through Chandra’s Eyes Collimation And The Newtonian Telescope