As part of “Math and Science” night at Virginia Peterson Elementary School – Principal Brad Yee requested a couple of telescopes from CCAS. In response Joe Carro arranged for us to have our telescopes at their school. The packed auditorium was set up with tables for the various grades to to demonstrate knowledge of math and science with an ongoing math competition on the main stage.

Since it was a “Dark and Stormy Night” Joe and I set our telescopes up as a “Show and Tell” over by the stage. We explained how our telescopes worked and I let the kids play the usual “Front-end Lookie-Lou” with my dob. In keeping with the “Math and Science” theme I had my Astrometric eyepiece out and explained how it could be used to measure the sizes of Jupiter’s Red Spot and the sizes of lunar craters. Joe explained how the eyepieces are used to measure binary stars.

-Report by D.M.