Our guest speaker for July 25th is Phillip Klein entitled One Astrophotograher’s Journey. The goal is to share the thinking, decisions and lessons learned in the journey to become an amateur astrophotographer. Being able to predictably capture and process a good image of a deep sky object is not easy and requires patience. For those thinking about jumping into astrophotography I will share my thoughts and the advice I received prior to making my equipment purchases. Additionally, I will have screen shots of image capture and processing software and some of their features that may be helpful to fellow imagers. I will have images taken with film camera, iphone, DSLR and of course CCD cooled astroimaging camera. Images will include two total solar eclipses, one annular eclipse, moon and deep sky objects..

About Phil: I grew up in Glendale, CA (close to Mt. Wilson). and after taking an astronomy class in junior college I visited Griffith Park Observatory often. Grinding a mirror and making a telescope was popular at that time but I had no time between college and working. Transferred to SLO in ’66 and married, Laurie, my high school sweetheart at the end of my junior year. Following SLO I spent two years with Uncle Same and then attended pharmacy school in Oregon. After graduation immediately left for sunnier skies and moved to San Diego. Worked in several hospital pharmacies ending up as Director of Pharmacy at Scripps Health before transitioning to hospital pharmacy consulting. I retired in Dec 2016.

Laurie and I always had fond memories of the central coast and during a trip to Paso Robles in 2003 we investigated purchasing land and eventually purchased 10 acres in Running Deer Ranch near Lake Nacimiento.. We completed a home there in August 2006. The very dark skies made observing a real joy with my Criterion RV6 Dynascope (Newtonian reflector) purchased in 1977. In July of 2013 I decided to purchase a telescope and mount that would enable me to combine astronomy and photography, two lifelong hobbies. The new equipment made observing much more enjoyable. Astroimaging was a longer period to achieve enjoyment but the journey was worthwhile.

Our meetings start at 7pm

Meeting Location: United Methodist Church
1515 Fredericks Ave, San Luis Obispo.

General Information on our Meetings and Public Talks:

Our meetings include time for show-and-tell, telescope setup questions, special introductory content for newcomers, socializing time, and in-depth astronomy content for our more experienced members… in short, something for everyone!

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not need to be a CCAS member to attend meetings. Folks are welcome to bring astronomy equipment, books and photos to share with the group. We like to assist in answering questions or help with equipment operation techniques when needed, BUT FIRST, please contact the CCAS to discuss this, as meetings are sometimes already booked solid with topics, or, there may not be anyone at the meeting who is knowledgeable of the item you need help with.

If you have questions about bringing something to a meeting, or wish to ask specific technical questions, or about meetings in general, just let us know.