Doors open at 7pm at 1515 Fredericks Street in SLO at the United Methodist Church.

Head’s up about the meeting in May:

Guest Speaker Liz Ruth is scheduled to make a presentation about her work on the NASA airborne observatory, SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), at the May 23 Astronomical Society meeting. For the presentation, she is going to outline the history of airborne astronomy, talk about the development of airplane itself with special emphasis on the special infra-red telescope and instruments, and then highlight some of the research being done on board. This is one you do NOT want to miss!

Elizabeth “Liz” Ruth is a research pilot at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a modified Boeing 747SP with the world’s largest airborne astronomical observatory. Ruth is the first female pilot for SOFIA, joining Armstrong’s flight operations branch in 2016. Before starting at Armstrong, she had been a legislative assistant for San Luis Obispo County in California from 2013 to 2015. 

In Ruth’s earlier career, she was a United Airlines flight officer on the B737-300, B757, B767 and B777 aircraft. She also worked for the company as a simulator and academic instructor for the B737-300 and was on a development team for the B737-300 Fleet Computer Based Training and Advanced Qualification Training Program. Before joining United, she was an active duty pilot of the United States Air Force. She received her commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1981, where she served as a pilot for the T-38 and T-43 from 1981 to1989. She concluded her military career with the rank of captain. Ruth earned a Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She also earned a Master of Aeronautical Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


General Information on our Meetings and Public Talks:

Our meetings include time for show-and-tell, telescope setup questions, special introductory content for newcomers, socializing time, and in-depth astronomy content for our more experienced members… in short, something for everyone!

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not need to be a CCAS member to attend meetings. Folks are welcome to bring astronomy equipment, books and photos to share with the group. We like to assist in answering questions or help with equipment operation techniques when needed, BUT FIRST, please contact the CCAS to discuss this, as meetings are sometimes already booked solid with topics, or, there may not be anyone at the meeting who is knowledgeable of the item you need help with.

If you have questions about bringing something to a meeting, or wish to ask specific technical questions, or about meetings in general, just let us know.