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Constellation Photography by Lee Coombs

One of my earliest projects when I first started doing astrophotography was photographing all the Northern Hemisphere constellations. These early photos are still some of my most used photographs whenever I give talks yet were the easiest to take. With today’s modern films, one can record all the stars visible with the naked eye in [...]

Photographing the Sun by Lee Coombs

With an abundance of light, photographing the sun may seem like an extremely easy thing to do. It is this abundance of light, which includes harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation, that presents the problems associated with solar photography. As kids, many of us experimented with a magnifying glass using it to focus the image of [...]

Reflections of an Obsession by Tom Frey

Some of you probably don’t know me but I’m called Obsession #860, a truss tube Dobonian telelscope. My credentials include an18 inch f/4.5 Galaxy objective mirror with an enhanced coating and a JMI NGC MAX set of digital setting circles. I’m constructed of maple and red alder plywood. I pal around with a Telrad and [...]

My and My Scope by Ryan Koch

Greetings, after having attended a few of the wonderful star parties put on by CCAS I’ve just recently decided to become a member and was given this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, or perhaps more commonly known as “that guy over there with the Coronado PST,” and I currently live in Templeton. [...]

Me and My Telescopes by Jim Carlisle

I started out in amateur astronomer as a kid interested in building my own telescope. At that time, that was the way most amateurs got their scopes, especially if you were too poor to buy one. My first telescope came from the advertisement pages of Popular Mechanics magazine, when I was 10 or 11 years [...]

Me and My Telescope by Dr. Russ Genet

Since I couldn’t make up my mind which of the many telescopes I’ve been involved with over the last half-century was my favorite, Aurora agreed that I could write two articles: one on my past telescopes, and the other on my current telescope. Here is number one. I wasn’t born in a telescope, but from [...]

Me and My Telescope by Lee Coombs

I have always had an interest in astronomy and, while in junior high school, fabricated a variety of telescopes from old eyeglass lenses or any other optics I could get my hands on. My first real astronomical telescope was one I built using a 6-inch f/8 mirror that was given to me by a friend [...]

Me and My Telescope by Aurora Lipper

My telescope was given to me as a Christmas present by my husband. The telescope was the “treasure” of a Treasure Hunt I was sent on, picking up parts and pieces of the telescope along the way (the motor drive was found in the clothes dryer). I had never owned a telescope, or even a [...]

Radio Astronomy by Tom Smith

It all started back in late 2001 when I became interested in obtaining an Amateur Radio License so that if I moved to some remote place without phones I would still be able to get hold of help. Well, I have always had a fascination with electronics and theory so once I started reading, lots [...]

My Brief Astronomy Adventure by Robin White

In 1980 I decided to do something that was very unusual for me at the time….read a book! The book I chose to read was “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan. I know most of you reading this now have read Cosmos at some point in your life and therefor understand the impact it could have on [...]

Me and My Scope by Dave Majors

Although I am still fairly new to the club I have been interested in astronomy for many years. Born in 1958 I grew up alongside the space program. In the early 1960’s I lived in El Paso,Tx where my mom worked at White Sands Missile Range-apparently on classified projects as to the day she passed [...]

Fun with the Sun by Michael Spingler

When I was 12 years old I had my first view of the sun with my homebuilt 8” Newtonian. Ever since that day I have been hooked on solar astronomy. My first solar filter incorporated a Hershel wedge design. This system used a non-aluminized diagonal which was inserted into the eyepiece holder, and very dark [...]

Moments in my Professional Astronomical Career I Would Just as Soon Forget

by Dr. Ray Weymann I have done both theoretical and observational research and there have been some awkward moments in both. Early in my career I was a coauthor on a paper which involved computing the interior structure of the sun throughout its life. Standard practice in scientific research publications is to submit your paper [...]

Great Moments in Astronomy by Walt Reil

As many astronomers can tell you, holding star parties and heading into unknown territory to perform your stargazing can sometimes throw you a curve ball and present rather interesting and challenging situations. Aurora asked that I relate any events that might make for interesting reading for CCAS readers, so here are several items that immediately [...]

Me and “My” Scopes by Dr. Ray Weymann

Please notice the quotation marks around the title, because none of the telescopes that have been a part of my life have been "mine"--I have never owned one! Lets begin in 1946, when I was a 6th grader in Miss Weber's class. She was an enthusiast about science teaching, especially astronomy. (Too bad there are [...]

Meet our CCAS Members!

As a CCAS member, you can borrow quality club telescopes for free, have the opportunity to participate in astronomical events, be exposed to fascinating topics and occasional guest speakers, and get a reduced subscription rate to popular astronomy magazines. No previous experience required! If you're fascinated by the stars as we are, you are in [...]