Me and My Scope by Dave Majors

May 1, 2012 admin 0

Although I am still fairly new to the club I have been interested in astronomy for many years. Born in 1958 I grew up alongside the space program. In the early 1960’s I lived in El Paso,Tx where my mom worked at White Sands Missile Range-apparently on classified projects as [Read More…]

Fun with the Sun by Michael Spingler

April 1, 2012 admin 0

When I was 12 years old I had my first view of the sun with my homebuilt 8″ Newtonian. Ever since that day I have been hooked on solar astronomy. My first solar filter incorporated a Hershel wedge design. This system used a non-aluminized diagonal which was inserted into the [Read More…]

Great Moments in Astronomy by Walt Reil

February 1, 2012 admin 0

As many astronomers can tell you, holding star parties and heading into unknown territory to perform your stargazing can sometimes throw you a curve ball and present rather interesting and challenging situations. Aurora asked that I relate any events that might make for interesting reading for CCAS readers, so here [Read More…]

Me and My Scopes by Dr. Ray Weymann

July 1, 2011 admin 0

Please notice the quotation marks around the title, because none of the telescopes that have been a part of my life have been “mine”–I have never owned one! Lets begin in 1946, when I was a 6th grader in Miss Weber’s class. She was an enthusiast about science teaching, especially [Read More…]

Meet our CCAS Members!

January 1, 2010 admin 0

As a CCAS member, you can borrow quality club telescopes for free, have the opportunity to participate in astronomical events, be exposed to fascinating topics and occasional guest speakers, and get a reduced subscription rate to popular astronomy magazines. No previous experience required! If you’re fascinated by the stars as [Read More…]