Me and My Telescope Gustav Nelson

January 24, 2020 admin 0

Astronomy has weaved its way through my life since taking a class at Poly in the late 60’s. I haven’t been without a scope for 50 years. The current collection includes a dozen scopes – all refractors except an 8SE (a “gift” that is still broken) and a Mak-Cass that [Read More…]

Me and My Telescope Peter Bresler

January 14, 2020 admin 0

My first serious telescope arrived at my house in late November 2018. I had an old Bushnell refractor which I never found more useful than looking at the moon. Had I known previously that sophisticated astronomy equipment was available for amateurs, I would have been in the hobby long ago. [Read More…]

Me and My Telescope Larry Cossette

January 9, 2020 admin 0

My fascination with astronomy started on my many campouts with my Dad and a simple pair of binoculars.  Then in 1985 I bought my first telescope, an 8 inch Celestron for viewing Haley’s Comet.  I now have a 14 inch Celestron and love it.  For the past 5 years I [Read More…]

Constellation Photography by Lee Coombs

March 1, 2013 admin 0

One of my earliest projects when I first started doing astrophotography was photographing all the Northern Hemisphere constellations. These early photos are still some of my most used photographs whenever I give talks yet were the easiest to take. With today’s modern films, one can record all the stars visible [Read More…]

Photographing the Sun by Lee Coombs

February 1, 2013 admin 0

With an abundance of light, photographing the sun may seem like an extremely easy thing to do. It is this abundance of light, which includes harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation, that presents the problems associated with solar photography. As kids, many of us experimented with a magnifying glass using it [Read More…]

Reflections of an Obsession by Tom Frey

January 1, 2013 admin 0

Some of you probably don’t know me but I’m called Obsession #860, a truss tube Dobonian telelscope. My credentials include an18 inch f/4.5 Galaxy objective mirror with an enhanced coating and a JMI NGC MAX set of digital setting circles. I’m constructed of maple and red alder plywood. I pal [Read More…]