Oct 10th Exo Planet Lecture

On October 10th (Wed), you are invited to the exoplanet lecture in the Spanos Theatre that is open to the public! Amherst College astronomy professor Kate Follette is talking about her work as a planet hunter. She is also giving the physics colloquium the next day and spending two days consulting on my cosmic evolution project.

Kate Follette, an astronomy professor at Amherst College, will take the audience inside the discovery of planets outside of our solar system. Her exploration will include how, when and where planets form. Follette has traveled the world from Chile to Hawaii to observe planets in our galaxy using large, ground-based telescopes. She’ll explain how astronomers can “de-twinkle” stars to make incredibly accurate observations, including detecting the infrared waves coming from newly formed planets. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. The presentation is sponsored with donations from Joan and Bob Field.

For more information, visit https://evolution.calpoly.edu/exoplanets.  (NOTE: This lecture is NOT at our regular club meeting place.)

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