Hand Crafted Pens by Glen Smeltzer

Hand Crafted Pen Examples

Help support Central Coast Astronomical
by ordering your own hand crafted pen.

Price: $46.00 (shipping included for the continental United States)

How to order:

  1. Send an email to Glen.Smeltzer at CentralCoastAstronomy.org.
  2. Let him know whether you would like the Moon Twist Pen or the Sculpted Midnight Pen
  3. Specify what kind of hand made barrel you would like
    (choose from a variety of woods or glittered acrylic)
  4. Mail a check to Glen (he’ll forward the donation to Central Coast Astronomical)

Two Pen Examples


A Note From Glen Smeltzer

I have been hand crafting fine ball point pens in my home workshop since last August. I fashion the pen barrels from various woods and acrylics to create custom writing instruments. I purchase the pen hardware from a supplier in Pennsylvania. Recently my supplier has offered a couple of new styles of kits that speak to those of us who spend significant time under the night skies.

I would love to craft pens for interested buyers and donate a percentage of the price to the Central Coast Astronomical Society. The pens are priced at $40 each plus $6 to pay for a mailer and postage. Since my cost for materials is about $20, I would donate $20 to the club for each pen sold.

The two design of the pens I am offering are the Moon Twist Pen with the phases of the moon on the clip and the Sculpted Midnight Pen with images of a crescent moon and stars around the tip, center band, and cap. Both pens operate with a twist of the barrels to extend or retract the ink tip. Both pens use a Parker style refill available at most office supply stores. With either pen the buyer could choose from a variety of exotic or domestic woods. I have a limited supply of moon twist pens already made with an acrylic barrel that is black with tiny bits of glitter embedded to simulate stars.

Since I don’t keep a supply of kits on hand, I would need to send for them as orders are made. That means a buyer would have to wait a while before the pen could be delivered.

These are the moon twist pens, two in wood and one in acrylic. I can make the barrels out of other kinds of wood. I currently have six of this style complete and ready for delivery: the two wooden ones seen here and four with the acrylic as on the right.

Here are some of the wood varieties I have available for use in making pen barrels:


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