Guest Speaker Russ Glenn – July 23rd

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Our speaker for July is Russ Glenn, the Director of Education for Slooh.

Designed to inspire, Slooh’s education curriculum is the fruition of Slooh’s National Science Foundation grant, ‘Curriculum Driven Gamification of Space Exploration’. Slooh offers:
  • Robotic Telescopes: Slooh provides real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes, including seven telescopes situated at its flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, one of the world’s top observatory sites, three telescopes based in Santiago, Chile, offering complementary views of the southern skies.
  • Clubhouses: Offer students a safe and private environment to exchange ideas with their peers, ask and answer questions, and find assigned learning materials. 
  • Gamified Curriculum Quests: Students learn to explore space in a self directed manner by completing learning activities which challenge them to use the telescopes to collect and analyze data and form their own conclusions.
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