Star Party for the American Cancer Society

The CCAS was invited to host a star-gazing event on Saturday, June 5, 2010 with the American Cancer Society. The event was called Camp Reach for the Stars “Creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays…”

According to one of the organizers there where approximately 15 children, cancer survivors, and their families attending the camp. The camp was basically a typical summer camp with lots of activities for the children and families to do. Saturday evening we arrived and set up our 22inch Dob and Bino-Chair. It turned out to be a pleasant evening and we where able to show those who where interested Venus, Mars and Saturn along with M-13 and the Ring Nebula. Dad and I also did our usual “Greek TV” pointing out the constellations that where up with the green laser pointers. As quiet time was 10PM and Bed time was 11PM the festivities and our activities ended around 10:30PM. Everyone who looked through the scope and played with the chair was VERY impressed and very grateful that we where able to attend and share the night sky with them.

Report from Vice president Chris Estrada

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