Thunder at a Star Party!

From VP Chris Estrada:

The last Star Party on July 10, 2010 at the Santa Margarita KOA had mixed results… Only 4 scopes turned up… Reed Estrada and I, Tom Frey, Pete Roebbers and David Majors… There was a modest public turn out… The afternoon started out iffy but then just after sun set it cleared out for a bit and we where able to do allot of viewing, including show the crowd the ISS as it passed overhead and a really nice Iridium Flare… However around 10:30 or so it began to close in and flashes of lighting where actually seen off to the south east… so we began to clear off our selves… Dad (Reed) and I where the last to leave and not a moment to soon there was one last big flash and where heard thunder… then it began to rain on the hill, HARD… needless to say we beat a hasty retreat… LOL it all worked out in the end though…

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