CCAS Members Only: Star Gazing Party ONLINE April 25th

We’re going to stargaze right from home! All you need is your telescope or binoculars and an internet connection to  join us! If you’re already outfitted with astrophotography equipment, you’re welcome to  share your images as you take them as well. 

This is going to be a fun opportunity for CCAS members to connect and star gaze together during these stay-at-home times. We’re going to start just after sunset at 8 PM and be on for as long as people are interested probably about 2 hours. You’re welcome to jump on anytime during this time, even if you don’t have a telescope at all.

You’ll be able to talk with each other, ask questions about equipment and finding objects, and just enjoy being together. This is different than our “Tour of the Night Sky” presentations with Kent Wallace, as the focus for next weekend will be on sharing and connecting while observing instead of learning what’s up in the night sky.

CCAS Members were emailed a personal invitation with a private link and password inside and instructions for connecting to the star gazing event. If you’re a current member and you haven’t received this information, please let me know by sending me an email.

If you’ve haven’t pulled our your scope in awhile, this might be a good opportunity to dust it off and look up information (try YouTube for tutorials) on how to put it together and start sighting things that are easy to spot, like the Moon or Venus before Saturday rolls around.

If you haven’t already found these, here are a number of good resources for getting your feet wet in astronomy:

  1. Cloudy Nights (questions, items for sale…)
  2. Astrobin (sharing astrophotography photos)
  3. Astromart (for equipment)
  4. Stellarium (free planetarium software)
  5. Sky & Telescope (magazine)
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