“Einstein for Everyone” with Guest Speaker Dr. Robert Piccioni

Our next CCAS meeting is Thursday, October 28th, 2010 from 7-9 PM. Guest Speaker Dr. Robert Piccioni, who is an expert on Einstein and cosmology.

Speaker: Dr. Robert Piccioni (pronounced “Pitch-O-knee”)

Talk Title: “Einstein for Everyone”

Click here to download the flyer. (Feel free to post the info for others to view!)

Abstract: How did a young rebel, who seemed doomed to fail, overcome rejection to become the world’s most famous scientist? In plain English, what do his theories mean? And how does Einstein impact our lives through DVDs, GPS, CCD imaging and digital cameras, computers, and smarter energy?

Biography: Robert graduated from Caltech, has a Ph.D. in high-energy physics from Stanford University, and was on the research faculty of Harvard University. He is an expert on Einstein’s theories and cosmology. Robert ran eight high-tech companies and holds patents in medical equipment, microelectronics, and smart energy. Since “retiring”, Robert’s mission is making science accessible. He is “Teacher of the Year” at the Osher Institute and hosts the online radio show “Guide to the Cosmos”. Robert is the author of two books that won national and international competitions for “Best Popular Science Book of the Year”: Everyone’s Guide to Atoms, Einstein, and the Universe explores the exciting discoveries of modern astronomy, physics, and cosmology; and  Can Life Be Merely An Accident? examines the many exacting requirements for life and how extraordinarily improbable it is that they occurred by random chance.

LOCATION: United Methodist Church at 1515 Fredericks in San Luis Obispo. Click here for a map.

CCAS meetings are free, friendly and informal. Members sometimes share photos and information on all kinds of subjects. Occasionally there are special guest speakers and presentations on events or activities in the area. We also partner with Cuesta College faculty and students, so there can be an interesting variation of discussion topics, sometimes very light in content and sometimes moderately heavy in technical information.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not need to be a CCAS member to attend meetings. Folks are welcome to bring astronomy equipment, books and photos to share with the group. We like to assist in answering questions or help with equipment operation techniques when needed, BUT we must first be aware of the situation. If you wish to bring a telescope or want to discuss the operation of your telescope, FIRST, please contact the CCAS to discuss this, as meetings are sometimes already booked solid with topics, or, there may not be anyone at the meeting who is knowledgeable of the item you need help with.

If you have questions about bringing something to a meeting, or wish to ask specific technical questions, or about meetings in general, just let us know.

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