Star Party on Sept 4th Success!

Wow… what a beautiful night! We had such a great time with the clear night as tons of folks trekked up the hill. Many thanks extend out to Kent Wallace, Pete Roebber, Chris and Reed Estrada for their time, telescopes, and talent! We had mostly ‘big guns’ up at the hill (18″, 20″, and 22″ Dobs) and my own 8″ (eq) Newtonian. We also had a few newbies getting lessons with their telescopes at sunset, so this made for a nice way to start the evening. The sky was clear and the hill was packed with astronomy passion for a good part of the night.

And yes, I know that the picture here has me pointing my telescope toward the ground… what you don’t see (at first) are my hands lifting and tightening it onto the tripod! If you want a true blooper, then you’d have had to attend this star party, where I used an O-III filter to bring out the Lagoon Nebula and left it on (by accident, I swear) when looking at Jupiter. 🙂

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