Past Events for CCAS

Get the latest information on space exploration events happening worldwide, including current and upcoming NASA missions, news about the International Space Station, star gazing reports, and other astronomical resource information.

Check out past events hosted by the CCAS:

The Search for Life in the Universe
NASA Kepler Mission: Detection of (Tatooine-like) Habitable Planets Around Double-Star Systems
By: Dr. Laurance Doyle, SETI Institute

Planetary Astrophysics
“Mars Within Reach: Arctic Melodies and Science from the Red Planet”
By: Planetary Science Professor Dr. John Keller, NASA

Free Public Science Outreach Presentation
“Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe”
By: Dr. Alex Filippenko, Professor of Astronomy, U.C. Berkeley

Live Space Exploration Event
PHOENIX Mars Lander Landing Event
By: Dr. John Keller, NASA
Live feed from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

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