Cal Star Sept 2009

CalStar09Cal Star is a great 4 day event that my father and I (Chris) always have fun at. Lake San Antonio is not the greatest place for star parties but it works well. There are plenty of things to do both day and night. We usually bring swim trunks, bikes, and hiking gear. The night sky is decent, comparable to Star Hill. The atmosphere is not quite as open and friendly as our own star parties, but people are polite enough and there are usually a couple of CCAS members that attend.  We enjoy the consecutive observing nights, the camping and in general being out doors… During the day we take advantage of the Paso Robles Public Library, conducting research on items we wish to find later in the night. Over all a very pleasant experience.  One we look forward to every year.

Aricle by Chris Estrada, CCAS VP

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